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Shenzhen Virtue Hotel Consultant Company (Referred to as “VHC”) is a leading hotel consultancy organization in China, which was established as a professional consultancy company in response to the changes of market demand and to resolve the new technical problems in the hotel investment process. With the development of Chinese hotel investment market, bringing in the international hotel brand management company is more and more valued and also demanded urgently by hotel investors. How to make the hotels set up by the investors meet the admitted management standards of the International Brand Hotel Management company; and also meet the investors’ strategic objectives and desired goals of the hotel are the important problems we need to resolve for hotel investors. Therefore, VHC changed the business scope of business license; and we try our best to make VHC Chinese most professional consultant company, whose main technical service is introducing the international famous hotel brand management company.

Our technical team is built up mainly by the experts with background of working and studying overseas, and the professionals with working experiences in the international brand hotels. We try to provide technical consultancy services, which are highly practical and operational, not just from market theories and investment economic calculation, to make the hotel projects meet the standards of the international brand hotels. VHC does not advertise with the images of foreign hotel managers, because presently the world’s hotel investment market center is in China, and it is a good opportunity for expert come back from abroad to devote to our motherland with the knowledge and skill acquired abroad. International hotel construction technologies and operation methods are changing every day since the beginning of the 20th century, which can’t be represented by one or two foreign hotel consultants.

Our technical team, of which the experts have abroad background, follows the international standards and new concepts, makes efforts to establish an alliance with each international Hotel Management Company, combines the advanced international hotel investment, construction & planning concepts with Chinese national conditions and market characteristics, offers service for hotels and tourism real estate which are invested and constructed all by Chinese or by Chinese as the main investors。 In recent years, our company have completed several hotel projects which met the international standards, including introducing Xiamen Kempinski Hotel and Xiamen Westin Hotel, introducing management technique for Chaohu Semi-Tang International Spa Resort, introducing international brand for Changsha international trade center hotel, introducing the Intercontinental Crowne Plaza hotel brand for Longyan and so on。

VHC will help with the establishment of the international image for your investing and constructing project!

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