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The plan of tousit investment and positioning is an important decision making tool for investors, and the decision is made from the projects market and financial feasibility research。 The dependence relationship of goals and process is the most important research content for Hotel Consultant Company, market research and financial analysis is the objective basis of hotel positioning, a comprehensive research is the reason of the function features planning, accurate estimate makes investment design plan goal-oriented, especially for the hotels, which emphasize the features and personality, have more attention to the previous period of the investment。 The development mode of hotel plus real estate may have a better composite income; however, it still needs innovative portfolio planning ideas and the multi-dimensional study for maximizing the return on integrated operation。 Only with this consultant idea, can we make devotion to the social economy and the development of hotel industry。

Mr, Hu joins VHC as a financial analyst for financial planning research of VHC, His current responsibilities include investment estimates of hotel project, analysis of operatingeconomics .As advanced financial analyst, Mr.Chen has professional experience on financial department, and he also was a manager at many 5-star hotels.He holds Bachelor of ZhengZhou University, and CGA school.

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