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The service for brand introducing
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Brand strategy is the higher level strategy of hotel investment and tourist estate. As a hotel owner, international brand hotel indicates the success of career development and the strength of invisible assets. It is not easy to apply for an international brand, it needs besides real strength and wisdom; professional knowledge, skills and grasp of international channel's operation also play important parts. How to get supports and the naming right from international famous hotel management company for your invested hotel and tourism real estate in possible short time, as the only domestic company its main business is brand service, VHC's international hotel brand introduction service is your first choice.

Mrs。 Zhang, shewas graduated Master of famous university for tourism major, she was worked many  5-star hotel such as  Sofitel, Westin. She has rich experience of hotel operation, hotel planning function of international brand, and operation management.Sincejoining VHC, she was responsible for brand introduction of International building project of Zhuhai, Zongyu Real Estate company Project of Liaoning Dandong, the shopping center project of South China, Haitang Bay project of Sanya, and Long Baodong international airport hotel project of Guiyang.

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